Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Purple - All About Hair

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Still damp, but yeah!

It looked insane in bright light, I swear
I dyed my medium brown hair Clariol Natural dark auburn for my entire high school existence.  I've dyed it since - my ex-husband traded massage with a hair stylist who cut and highlighted my hair a bit, and my current husband LOVES it when I dye my hair orangish or bright red.  I'd mostly committed to going grey naturally.  (seems to be going very slow cause I was smart and didn't have kids...)  early May I gave into peer suggestion & dyed my hair a Feria power red. It's odd, I live outside Seattle, but was self conscious about my GLOWING RED HAIR everywhere I went.

After a conversation with a friend about the bleaching and dying of hair in unnatural colors, and why I'd never done it (frankly, I'm LAZY and the thought of getting it cut more than twice a year, let alone touching up roots once a month makes me grumpy), she said she had a friend bleach her hair which made it easier, and I go to my sister's house the next day and she had the supplies and offered to bleach my hair!  Truthfully I've wanted white and lilac hair for a long time but was let's just say.. "open" to a variety of fun colors.

after bleaching
My sister never stopped having interesting colored hair.  I'm a mousy brown so most of my non high school dying consisted of trying to make my hair darker and richer.  I actually spent the afternoon comparing my sister's hair to a lovely variegated ball of orange yarn.  I don't know this *sounds* like the best compliment but it was, hair dye can so often leave you with a blanket monotone color.  After bleaching, my hair was orange strawberry blond (is that a thing?) and it was interesting to see that dyed it with a commercial dye, bleaching led only to blonde at the 1/4" of my roots. Texts to relevant parties suggested I not dye it purple and leave it as it was...

And I did, for over a WHOLE week and... then my shipment from ULTA arrived with a couple Jerome Russell hairdyes in purple and violet that were on sale  *squee*.  I tried a variegated ombre approach solo and the results were nice!  Somehow I haven't even felt out of place with it - it didn't hurt that I went out gaming in Seattle last weekend and ran into two other people with purple hair within 5 minutes. 

The reason I can tie this into my blog is because my hair looks SO GOOD with the pinks and purples in my Birch Bay Quilt. The light in my bedroom is atrocious and I'm not only too lazy to dye my roots, but too lazy to go take it into a room with more light to take good pictures (and frankly, while I can justify rolling around taking selfies on my bed, it seems too contrived to go do it on the hardwood floor!) My bleach supplies from Sally Beauty supply arrive later this week, so I guess I have to suck it up and do touch ups so wish me luck!

FYI, this is my pep talk to those of you who are interested in trying something different.  Ask a friend or sibling, trade services, you can always dye it back to normal if it doesn't work for you - but sheesh, I'm 42 this month and I can't believe I waited so long!

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  1. Pretty.

    I'm a fan of bright hair, too, but (like you noted) I'm L.A.Z.Y. All the touching up and having to use special shampoo so you don't wash it out too fast and. . .I might as well just have a dang baby!

    Right now I'm toying with buzzing all my hair off again. Man, there's nothing like having super short hair when it gets hot.

    Your hair looks so great.